Shura Island

A warm welcome from the gentle waves

The fusion of the natural and the stylish, the relaxing and the inspiring, the private and the convivial is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Red Sea Destination

This is the world’s most sustainable regenerative tourism project, situated along the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s west coast. An exciting, prestigious year-round destination, offering a synthesis of thrilling experiences and sophisticated luxury in a breathtakingly beautiful natural environment.

The Red Sea destination extends over 28,000 Sq km / 10,800 Sq miles, comprising 200km / 120 miles of untouched coastline and more than ninety islands, of which only twenty are developed with the rest left untouched.

Shura Island

Shura Island

Beautiful natural environment

Beautiful natural environment

The destination comprises coral island, mountain and desert resorts, all of which combine luxury and nature seamlessly.

Arriving at Shura Island

From 2023, the new Red Sea International Airport (RSI) will bring The Red Sea within an hour and a half of Riyadh, whether via commercial or private aviation. It is then just a 25-minute chauffeured journey in a luxury electric vehicle. Once on Shura Island, you are driven in an electric buggy to your own front door, where your luggage awaits.

Life's a beach

Perfect Beaches

Silken sand nudging a warm, clear sea, where charming turtles swim among radiant fish and beautiful coral. Your dream beach is here.

The abundant beaches, resorts, reefs and islands are easily accessed by eco-friendly transport, all powered using renewable energy to protect the pristine environment.

Natural Balance

Design Vision

Sustainability and design in harmony with nature are placed front and centre on Shura Island. Award-winning architects, Foster + Partners, took their visual cues from the surrounding landscape; roofs are shaped like the abundant shells found on the shore, while the sumptuous pools take inspiration from the stunning nearby coral. Inside, the award-winning Lissoni & Partners have created a similarly harmonious feel that, like the sea itself, is at once relaxing and invigorating.

This design ethos continues into social spaces that embody the same spirit of carefree luxury, as the eye is drawn to the perfect sands and gentle waves beyond. It’s a perfect balance of the human and natural, in this most stunning of settings.