SLS The Red Sea Residences



The representation of product features, finishes, fittings, installations, amenities, specifications, facilities, location and surrounding infrastructure with CGIs (computer generated images) and photography are purely indicative and for representational purposes and may differ from the final constructed project. Not all photography has taken place at site and stock images may have been used. Information related to types of restaurants, brands and other concepts may change.

Views will vary depending on the position of each property within the resort. Plans, specifications, dimensions, measurements, and distances shown in any text or plan are indicative and approximate only, based upon preliminary designs and drawings and are not intended to form any part of the contract for the sale of an individual residence. The drawings and plans are not necessarily to scale, each residence, including square footage, may differ due to variations in construction.

While care has been taken to ensure that all information contained in this brochure is accurate at time of production, Red Sea Global (and its constituent group members including The Red Sea Real Estate Company I LLC) does not represent or warrant its accuracy. This brochure is for marketing purposes only and to give to prospective buyers an indication of the amenities and facilities that are currently being planned. Any prospective sale shall be entirely governed by the terms and conditions of the sale agreement to be entered into between the parties.

SLS The Red Sea [Residences] (“Residential Project”) is not owned, developed, or sold by Accor S.A or its affiliates. The Red Sea Real Estate Company I LLC (“Licensee”), is independently owned and operated and is solely responsible for the ownership, development, and operation of the Residential Project.

Licensee uses the SLS brand and certain trademarks pursuant to a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable license from Accor S.A or its affiliates. Under certain circumstances, the license may be terminated or revoked according to its terms in which case neither the individual residential residences (“Residences”) nor any part of the Residential Project will be identified as a SLS branded project or have any rights to use the SLS trademarks. Neither Accor S.A nor any of its affiliates make any representations of guarantees with respect to the Residences or the Residential Project and is not responsible for Licensee’s marketing practices, advertising, and sales.

*Gross Floor Area (GFA) is defined as the total sellable area of the constructed beach villa, and is not connected in any way to other definitions using this specific term. GFA is calculated as the total area of the beach villa, measured to the outside face of the external walls, including all dedicated service/MEP rooms directly connected to the beach villa, and any internal ducts and shafts. GFA excludes all external terraces and any hardscape/softscape areas including pools.